Will Golf Cart Batteries Freeze (in The Winter)?

Will golf cart batteries freeze? How do you prevent these batteries from freezing? What are common mistakes that can shorten the life of your golf cart battery?

To learn the responses to each of these questions, keep reading.

So will golf cart batteries freeze? Golf cart batteries will freeze if they are discharged or partially charged. A discharged battery will freeze at a higher temperature than a charged battery. A discharged battery has a freezing point of about 20°F, while a fully charged one has a freezing point of about -80°F.

This article takes an in-depth look at golf cart batteries and some valuable tips for storing them over the winter.

What Should You do With Batteries in Winter?

Do not store discharged batteries in cold temperatures. Before storing your golf cart (and/or electric golf push cart) for the winter, charge the battery and check the charge status from time to time.

Be aware that golf cart batteries will take longer to charge in cold weather than in hot weather. When the temperature rises over 80o F, the capacity of a golf cart battery rises. But the useful life of a battery is reduced at high temperatures.

A discharged battery will freeze at 20°F, while a fully charged battery will freeze at -80°F.


How Does Temperature Affect Battery Charge And Discharge Rates?

Did you know that temperature affects download and upload rates?

A golf cart battery tends to charge and discharge rapidly in hot weather. Conversely, the battery will slowly charge and discharge in cold weather. At addition, batteries lose capacity in cold temperatures.

Every 15-20 degrees below 80°F, the golf cart battery loses 10% of its capacity.

Do not store batteries without a charge during the winter months. A discharged golf cart battery in cold temperatures will expand the fluid (electrolyte). The expansion of an electrolyte can cause battery deterioration.

If the golf cart battery is fully charged during the colder months, the liquid electrolyte is less likely to freeze and damage the internal structure of the battery.


Will A Fully Charged Battery Survive The Winter?

A fully charged battery can survive the winter. But you’ll have to reload it in the spring.

Also, you will have to check your battery many times if it gets relatively cold and the temperature fluctuates continuously.

Do You Have To Plug in Your Golf Cart All Winter Long?

Read your golf cart owner’s manual for recommendations for extended winter storage.

Yamaha, E-Z-GO, and Club Car are now the major producers of golf carts.

  • Yamaha recommends that you completely unplug the batteries.
  • E-Z-GO recommends keeping golf cart chargers unplugged during extended storage.
  • Club Car recommends keeping chargers plugged in during extended storage.

According to the manufacturers, you should keep your golf cart plugged in at all times while using a car battery charger. The charger will keep the golf cart batteries fully charged.

Golf cart batteries can be damaged over time and offer less capacity if left discharged during prolonged storage.

Should You Charge Your Golf Cart Battery After Each Use?

Recharging the batteries after each use is vital to increase their useful life. So, after four hours of usage, recharge them.

How To Take Care of Your Golf Cart And its Batteries?

You can save the life of your battery with proper winter storage. Here are some valuable tips for caring for your golf cart and batteries.


Tips For Maintaining Your Golf Cart

  • Make sure your golf cart is fully loaded before putting it away.
  • Thoroughly clean all post and terminal connections.
  • Whenever the golf cart is to be stored for long periods of time without being charged, it should first be fully charged and then the trailer/drive switch should be set to trailer. The golf cart battery will not be completely depleted if trailer mode is activated. Also known as a trailer keep switch, the trailer/drive switch is found on several golf cart models. These switches reside in the battery compartment. Golf carts use a trailer/drive switch in conjunction with a separately excited motor and controller.
  • Keep your golf cart keys in a safe place.
  • Release the parking brake and make sure the golf cart does not roll.
  • Re-inflate the tires, if necessary.
  • Clean upholstery and floors.


Tips to Maintain Your Golf Cart Battery

  • Make sure golf cart batteries are clean. Do not store them dirty before storage, as this could damage the terminals.
  • Disconnect the negative battery cables and the positive battery cables from their terminals. Prepare a solution by mixing a liter of water with two tablespoons of baking soda. Use this mixture to clean the battery terminals. Remove larger deposits with a wire brush. And then pat the battery dry with a paper towel.
  • A cool, dry area is the best place to store your battery.
  • Low temperatures will reduce the rate of discharge of the battery. A slow discharge will help maintain the battery charge. Continue reading to get the answers to each of these questions.
  • Your battery cable should be clean and free of corrosion.
  • Fill each battery cell halfway with distilled water. Tap water contains pollutants that will build on the interior plates of the golf cart while it is in storage for the winter. Most essential, do not charge the golf cart battery with acid. Avoid adding too much water, as it can dilute the electrolyte solution and cause damage.
  • If the golf cart batteries will not stay in the cart, place them on a non-conductive surface such as a table or wooden pallet to help better hold their charge. Keeping batteries on the ground can cause them to discharge on their own.
  • Wear the proper safety gear when servicing your golf cart batteries, such as corrosion-resistant gloves and aprons.


Summary: Do Golf Cart Batteries Freeze?
Golf cart batteries can freeze in winter if not charged. It is extremely important to take the correct steps to protect your golf cart batteries during the winter.

If you don’t want your batteries to freeze, keep them charged during the winter. You can also extend the life of your battery by charging it regularly.