How To Measure Putter Length Without Special Tools

The putter is the golf club in your bag that gets the most use. In addition, it is the most valued club on the golf course. Almost half of the scoring is determined by how well you put. Many golfers overlook the length of the putter and don’t realize how important it is in maintaining a low score.

Putter Length

Your posture and height are two things to think about while getting the right putter measurement. We’ll get back to them later. It’s also preferable if you know how to measure putterlength from the convenience of your own house.


Is the Putter Length Important? Why?

Yes, it does. The outcome of putting strokes is determined by the length of the putter. A putter’s swing arc is determined by its length. As a result, if your putter is the wrong length, it will impact your trajectory.

The trajectory of the address is influenced by the lie angle of the club. When you use the wrong putter length, the lie angle worsens greatly. If you hit the ball unsquared at address, the putter loft has a chance of pushing the ball off-center.

Putter Length

When a Putter Is Too Long, What Happens?

The ball will most likely go left if you choose a putter that is too long for your stature (for right-handed players). It will be the result of an excessively upright lie angle.

When a putter is too short, what happens?

If you use a putter with a length that is too short for your height, the opposite may occur. The club will be positioned with the heel pointing above and the toe pointing downwards. The ball will almost certainly miss the objective.


What You’ll Need to Measure a Putter’s Length

  • A yardstick or an aluminum straight edge ruler with a length of at least 39 inches
  • Your golf club’s putter
  • a working surface that is both clean and flat

How to Measure the Length of a Putter

You can measure on a putting green, but make sure the surface is clean and level. If you measure on an uneven surface, you may end up with the wrong length.Putter Length

You can take the measurements at home as well. Choose a clean, flat surface on the premises (for example, your living room floor). Here’s how to determine the proper length for your putter:


How to measure the length of a putter.

It’s worth noting that the putter shaft does not connect directly to the putter head’s center. It’s not like a driver or an iron, for example. As a result, pay attention to how you measure the length of your putter. Instead, follow these steps.


Step 1: Place the putter in a standard putting stance with the center leveled on the ground. While your palms are held together, your posture should be more comfortable. We mean bending your knees or keeping your waist loose, but ready to strike when we advise a more comfortable stance.

Step 2: Using your aluminum straight edge ruler, align it with the putter shaft. Line up the bottom of the ruler with the putter head’s center.

Step 3: Make sure the ruler is close to the putter’s shaft. In addition, the top of the grip must be parallel to the ruler.

Step 4: Determine the length of the putter you’ll require. Both the putter and the ruler are vertical at this time, with both ends touching the level surface. Check the number on the measuring ruler where your grip is the strongest. The length of the putter will be determined by your height.

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Putter length depends on your height

The average length of a putter used by most golfers is 33 to 35 inches. If you know your height, you may use the chart below to determine the length of putter you require.


According to height, the conventional putter length fitting chart (Table below):

Height of Golfer (feet/cm) Putter Lenght (inches)
4’10 “/147 and below 31
5’2″/152-157 32
5’5″-5’8″/165-173 33
5.10″-5.11″/178-180 34
6’0″-6’2″/182-188 35
6’2″-6’4″/188-193 35.50
6’4″/193 and above 36

A putter length fitting is explained.

A putter’s length fitting entails tailoring the club’s most important attributes. The loft angle, grip, offset, head styling, lie-angle, toe hang, and length may all be considered. However, before you hire a professional fitter to complete the necessary fitting on your putter, keep the following in mind:

  • As a golfer, what are your objectives? The club fitter can help you figure out what you want to achieve in golf.
  • Know how well your putter is performing right now. The software may be used by the fitter to evaluate and test your putter. The Balanced-Certified weights are one of the instruments a fitter may use to test your putter.
  • The fitter will determine whether your putter is appropriate for re-fitting or whether a replacement is required after doing the necessary examinations and testing.

Making a Plan and Taking a Stand

Standing over the golf ball, there is no typical putting posture. Even the pros have different styles when it comes to putting stances. However, keep the following factors in mind when setting up the golf ball with perfect posture:

  • On the target, stand with your feet square and in a shoulder-length stance.
  • Make sure your shoulders, arms, and hips are aligned with the target line.
  • While bending your knees, adopt an athletic posture.
  • Bend your waist a little to bring your eyes closer to the top of the ball.

Common Putter Lengths

Customization is possible with putters. It can also be re-fitted to your talents and requirements. Putters range in length from 32 to 52 inches, although most stocks are between 34 and 35 inches long.

Although the USGA limits the length of shafts for irons, woods, drivers, and hybrids to 48 inches, the maximum length of a putter remains unrestricted. The agency, however, stipulates that a putter must be at least 18 inches long (minimum).

How to Determine Whether Your Putter Is the Correct Length

Your putter’s length has an impact on your speed, consistency and range control. If you don’t have these two attributes, it’s possible that your putter is to blame. Here are some more details to help you determine whether your putter is the suitable length.


The length of your putter can be determined only by your putting posture. You have a short putter if you bend too steeply. Meanwhile, you have a lengthy putter if your hands reach the bottom of the handle.

The Stroke

Do you prefer a rounded or straight putting stroke? More typical swings with a putter should be practiced. You can then establish the proper putterlength based on your stroke.

Height of the golfer

You now know how to determine the right length based on your height. The regular putter length fitting chart can be found above. It will tell you if your present putter is the right one for you.

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How does Odyssey determine the length of a putter?

A skilled custom fitter at a golf shop, according to Odyssey, can help you measure the right putter for you. When you buy something off the shelf, you may need to measure it yourself. Odyssey recommends that you use a measuring tape in this situation.

Place one end of the measuring tape at the end of the grip and the other at the heel of the putter. The length of the putter will be determined by the number on the measuring tape.



1. How long should my putter be for my height?

To determine the proper putter size, use the standard putterlength fitting table depending on your height:


2. Is a putter with a length of 35 inches excessive?

If you’re under six feet tall, the 35-inch putter will be too lengthy for you. It’s based on the sizing chart shown above. For players with short arms, it’s also excessively lengthy.


3. What is the normal Putter length?

The usual length of a putter is between 33 and 35 inches.


4. Is the putter’s length adjustable?

Yes. Like any other club, a putter can be lengthened. Many golfers, however, prefer that the job be done properly by a professional golf fitter.


5. Is it feasible to reduce a belly putter down to regular length?

Yes, it’s conceivable. If you shorten a belly putter to a typical 33-35-inch length, the following issues may arise:

  • The swing’s weight will fluctuate, making it feel heavy.
  • If your putter has an adjustable weight, you’ll need to re-calibrate it.

Final Thought – Putter Length

Your game is defined by the length of your putter. And many golfers, particularly beginners and amateurs, were unaware of it. Tall and petite players can choose the best putter for them by selecting the optimal length of the putter.

Now that you know how to measure putterlength without special gear, you’ll be able to compete the next time you play.