Every Golfer Should Be Able To Do This Mobility Moves

Mobility Moves– A warm-up period is a necessary and important part of every golf workout. It’s something every golfer should do, whether they’re a weekend warrior or professional golfer.

The goal is to prepare both your body and mind for the work ahead while setting a precedent for safe and effective training.

Taking just a few extra minutes for each workout creates an environment for increased physical and psychological productivity and awareness. Warming up increases blood flow to working muscle tissue, increases your cardiovascular system’s ability to perform work, increases your metabolic rate, and increases soft tissue flexibility.

Your body works best when your core temperature is warmer and your body is more relaxed and ready for action. A proper warm-up can take between 5 and 20 minutes.

While many coaches still suggest a brief cardiovascular warm-up, such as 5 or 10 minutes on a treadmill or bike, you’ll find that today’s top golf coaches suggest something quite different.

It’s called Mobility Training.

You’ll see most golf pros doing simple mobility moves right before their main workout.

Here’s a quick sample.

Side-To-Side Leg Swings: Stand facing a wall for support. Extend one leg out to the side as far in as possible, then step back as far as possible. Switch to the opposite leg and continue rocking from side to side trying to increase your range of motion over time.

Try 10 swings in and 10 swings out on each leg. Remember to start slow and see where your natural range of motion is, then try to improve it with each swing without straining or overexerting yourself. It should be a natural, easy rhythmic movement that slowly increases with more repetitions.

10 Simple Mobility Moves for Golf

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