Bagboy Nitron golf push cart review

It can be easy to get wrapped up in golf cart tricks that, at the end of the day, really aren’t worth it. So we were a bit skeptical about this particular pushcart. We thought the “Bagboy Nitron” tag was just another gimmick and that it would be the same as any other handcart.bagboy nitron

And while it’s hard to reinvent the wheel when it comes to golf carts, there has to be a worthwhile improvement, right? With that dim belief, we purchased and tested this pushcart to see if it was all hype or if it actually brought something new and valuable to the table.

We put this pushcart to the test at two of our local golf courses for two full rounds of play. The following is what we found out about it.



Let’s start with the basics. The BagBoy Nitron is a push golf cart with three wheels. There is a single wheel in the front that is fixed in place (does not rotate) and two rear wheels that are about 36 inches apart. So a fairly wide stance which is good for stability.

The front wheel is 9 1/2 inches in diameter and the rear wheels are slightly larger at 11 inches in diameter. They are made of hardened foam so you don’t have to worry about inflation or any other maintenance.

The rear wheels can be locked in place by a handbrake that is mounted just to the left of the handlebars.

The handle apparatus features a console on which a full scorecard can be held. There’s also a cup holder, umbrella stand, and storage bag under the handle for storing other accessories.

But the real draw of the BagBoy Nitron is the Nitro Piston technology that powers the deploy function. When you fold the BagBoy Nitron down, compressed air is stored in the piston lines. This compressed air is exerted when you pull the handle up to deploy the BagBoy Nitron.

It’s a really amazing feature that makes unfolding the cart simple. It literally comes to life and locks into position. You don’t have to break your back trying to unfold this pushcart or lock it in place. It pretty much does all the work by itself.

When folded it is also quite compact. Measures approximately 22 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 13 inches tall when in its storage/carry position. And without bags, balls, cards, or accessories, it weighs just over 16 pounds.


  • Deploying it is virtually effortless.
  • Glides well on all types of terrain
  • Lots of storage space
  • It can hold an umbrella.
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Lightweight


  • The frame doesn’t seem to be very durable.
  • The front-wheel does not turn
  • It’s a little awkward with an umbrella connected.
  • Relatively expensive for a pushcart of this nature



Our 1st impression of the BagBoy Nitron was that it was quite simple to assemble. We didn’t have to fumble around with a bunch of knobs or locks to get this thing field ready. We also noticed almost immediately that the BagBoy Nitron was very light.

We found the design, understated but somehow still modern. It looks stylish in the field.

bagboy nitron



Overall, we like how BagBoy Nitron performed in the fields we tested it on. The wheels were smooth and glided over the grass very easily. It didn’t take much effort to push the cart around even with a full set ofbagboy nitron clubs in the bag and a bunch of accessories and trinkets in the storage bag.

We also noticed that the wheels didn’t sink into wet grass which we liked. Many times with heavier carts the wheels get stuck in wet grass and it is difficult to get it out. That wasn’t a problem with the BagBoy Nitron’s lightweight frame.

The brakes held up when the cart was stationary and it held heavy bags quite easily. The only complaints we had about its performance was that it was a bit difficult to turn as the front end is fixed and it handled a bit awkwardly when we had an umbrella inside.

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Final Though – Bagboy Nitron

The Bag Boy Company has been in business since 1946 and has become one of the most highly regarded brands in golf cart manufacturing.

It doesn’t matter what your price or preference is. The Bag Boy brand has a wide range of golf carts to offer. And one of those products is their Nitron Golf pushcart.

And from the Bagboy Nitron golf cart review, we can say that this cart is worth buying.

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